How to price your tender: Tips for pricing tenders

One of the most important and challenging tasks during your tender response process will be in pricing the tender (pricing the bid). As to what the price should be, there is no straight...

10 Tips for Analysing a Tender Request

Once you have found a suitable tender and downloaded the tender documents, read the tender request. A thorough read is necessary for analysing the tender request, also known as Request for...

Reading Tender Documents - What's Important?

A great tender opportunity has come up and you think you have a shot at winning it. Read on to find out exactly what to do next.

Awarded Contract Info: How It Helps

Awarded contract information can be extremely useful data to help your business understand your market and your competitors, get alerted of awarded tenders with Australian Tenders today!

Why Tender? Benefits of Tendering in 2019

2019 is approaching fast, maybe you're thinking about a new business venture, maybe you've stumbled upon tendering recently or maybe you're a tender veteran. Either way, we recommend reading this...

Is this tender right for me? Use our Tender Decision Chart as your guide.

When you find tenders that might be right for you, how do you proceed to the next stage?  The answer requires strategic thinking. We've created a a few questions and a simple chart to help...

6 Steps to Tendering: Read Our Quick Guide

Before you spend hours drafting a tender response, make sure the tender is really right for your business and ensure you've got all the tools you need. This quick guide will help you in...

Tendering Mistakes: Top 10 ways to lose a tender

Have you have put a mammoth effort into a tender response, then wondered why you weren't shortlisted, or selected? And worse - you knew  you could complete the job being tendered with no problems?...

Downloading Tender Docs: Helpful tools for Suppliers

How often do you want to download a tender document only to be asked to log in or register?  Do you almost weep as you hit the ‘forgot my password’ link and wait for that reminder email?

How to Write a Tender Response Well

How do you write a tender response that will win you that contract? Read this simple and effective advice and respond to tenders with confidence.

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