Deactivate your Tender Alerts

Instructions for stopping your tender alerts.

Your Alerts
You can add as many as you like and edit, deactivate or delete them whenever you log in to your account on the Australian Tenders website. We are currently updating the system, so if you are a registered user but not a paid subscriber and you are receiving alerts, just send an email to the Support Team with your email and company name so we can make sure they are disabled.

There might be times when you do not want to be notified of tenders by email. For these periods, you can keep your tender alerts set up but deactivate them so they do not generate tender alert notifications to your inbox.

  • Log in to your account (if you are not a current subscriber you will not be able to log in, just contact us as above)
  • Choose Tender Alerts and view your alerts
  • For the alert you wish to deactivate, choose 'deactivate'
  • If you want to delete an alert that is also an option on this page.

Tender Alerts are sent out each night to everyone who has set up their alerts. If you are not sure or would like help maximising exposure, just email the Help Desk and include your User Name and the email address associated with the account.