Why your alerts matter

If you rely on delivered tender notifications from Australian Tenders, it is important that your alerts are correctly set up so that you are not missing anything.

It is better to have too many categories and subcategories selected, than not enough. Casting the net wider than you need to is advisable. We also suggest you do a manual search every so often.

Categories and Keywords

We have over 500 categories and sub-categories. You can select an entire category, or just the sub-categories that suit your business. Set up different tender alerts to use keywords, rather than using keywords in a category alert. This way you won't miss anything.

It's worth browsing all the categories when you first set up your alerts as there may be several that suit you.

As you can set up as many tender alerts as you like, we suggest going for as many as possible. You might have one that is sub-categories of Construction, for example, plus several more that leave out categories and instead use keywords such as 'gravel' or 'bitumen' if that is your area of expertise.

Our Support Team are highly knowledgable about which categories and keywords best suit your business and are very eager to help you get your alerts just right.

TIP: On your own website, what services/products do you have listed? These are great keywords to use in your keyword tender alerts.