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How do I Publish a Tender Advertisement?

We provide a convenient, free advertising platform right here on Australian Tenders for businesses and individuals wanting to advertise a tender.

Your tender will be available to our 4500+ supplier base, and suppliers with alerts matching your selected categories and regions will be notified of your tender via email. The Advertising Plan is free, easy to use and each tender can remain active for up to 90 days. 

Read on to understand how to:

  1. Locate the page to advertise tenders
  2. Fill out the advertiser form
  3. Advertiser account for New Advertisers and Existing Subscribers 
  4. View you tender advert 

Step 1: Locate the page to Advertise tenders
Find the Advertise tab on our website and click on it. On the Advertise page, click on the button 'Advertise' to be directed to the Advertiser form. See below image for reference.

Note: If you're already an existing subscriber and you're logged in, you will see 'Post a tender' on the menu bar. Click on it to be directed to a page with the option to either create your own advert or request assistance with the advert by submitting an Advertiser form.

How-do-i publish-tenders-on-australian-tenders-step1

Step 2: Fill out the Advertiser form

Fill out the details on our advertiser form which consists of Tender Details, Further information (URL for more information) and Your Details.  Click here to view the Advertiser form

All tender advertisements need all the following details to be sufficient enough for Suppliers to respond to:
  • Name of tender
  • Issuer/name of business publishing the tender
  • Reference number (if applicable)
  • Region the tender is advertising within
  • Categories the tender is relevant to: We can do this for you if you ask us
  • Tender description (general summary that should include instructions on how to respond)
  • Link to your website if applicable
  • Closing date
  • Status (future or current)
  • Tender documents if applicable: include a link to these documents or contact details of the person who will be supplying the documents.

Step 3: Advertiser Account (for New Advertisers and Existing Subscribers) 

3.1  New Advertisers

If you're new to Australian Tenders, by filling out the Advertiser form, you will be registered with your very own Advertiser account. Your information from the form will be kept private for internal use only. This advertiser account is free of charge, read more about the benefits, click here.

3.2  Existing Subscribers (Suppliers) or Existing Advertisers

If you're already an existing subscriber, you can simply login to your account and you will see 'Post a tender' on the menu bar, click on it to be directed to a page where you will be given two options:

  • Option 1: Create your own tender advert 
    On the Advertise Page, if you click on the option 'Create My Tender Alert', you choose to create the advertisement yourself. You will be directed to the following page called 'Enter Information'. Example shown in the image below.

  • Option 2: Request assistance with the tender advert

On the Advertise Page, by selecting this option 'Get Help with Tender Advert,' you will be directed to the Advertiser form page to be prompted to fill out the required details. Our sales support team will promptly review these details, and your advert will be published for your convenience within 24hours. 

Step 4. Viewing your tender advert
You can access all your tender adverts, whether you had created them or if one of our support team have created them for you. Under your account, you can review your tender adverts under'Tender Listings'. Click on this icon to view and edit your tender. See image below as an example of where to create/updated your tender adverts. 


Below is an example of a tender advert that has been published. There are options for you as an advertiser, to view your tender advert, edit the tender or deactivate the tender.

NOTE: Deactivating the tender will not delete the tender. You can go back and 'Activate' it.


As an advertiser, you will not be able to view current/future tenders. Only subscribers (active Suppliers) can do this. 

If you wish to have your tender 'featured' please contact us. Featured tenders are published for free-to-view and anyone can see it.

Please contact us if you have any further queries regarding our advertising services. You can email support@australiantenders.com.au or call 1800 934 117.