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How to Register and Download on ICN Gateway

Follow the steps below to access the tender documents from ICN Gateway.

Australian Tenders is a tender notification service. We provide descriptions of the tenders and a link to where you can source the tender documents.

Local Council and private tender documents are sometimes published on an e-Procurement websites like ICN Gateway. The tender documents are usually free to download, although occasionally the tender issuer or project owner will charge a fee.

Please note that you can register with ICN Gateway for free with their basic plan. They have paid plans available also.

There are a few steps you need to take once you leave Australian Tenders and go to the portal. We have outlined these steps below.

Step 1: Go to the portal containing the tender documents

Underneath the relevant tender on our website you will see 'click here to go to the issuer's website for more information'. This is a link that will take you to the portal/website where you'll find the tender documents. At this point you are leaving the Australian Tenders website.

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Step 2: Register with the tender portal

To download the tender documents you first have to be registered with the council/company. Locate the Login link in the top menu (see below image for reference) and complete the Company Profile registration. As you are a potential Supplier, you will submit your organisation details. There are 4 quick steps to creating a profile with ICN portal.

Note: If you have already registered with ICN Gateway, you can simply 'login'.                     


  • Register with the ICN Portal before you review any of the work packages from the project.
  • It is FREE to register your Australian and New Zealand company on ICN Gateway - the free basic plan is above the paid plans. Once registered, you can provide your expression of interest to work or be part of a project, receive notifications, and your company may be recommended to project owners if appropriate. Note, if you want to promote your business, you will need to choose one of ICN's paid packages.


Step 3: Downloading the Documents

After registering, go back to the tender/project you were interested in and scroll to view 'Work Packages'. In the work packages box, locate your tender/project under 'Contract'. When you have located your relevant tender/project, you have the option to:

1. Download Docs - by clicking on the icon under 'DOCS'

2. View Full Scope EOI and Partial Scope EOI - by clicking on either of the icon under those titles

3. You can submit your expression of interest (see screen shot below) by clicking on either of the icons under Full Scope EOI and Partial Scope EOI.

Review and Download Tender Documents from ICN

Need a little help?

If so please email us at support@australiantenders.com.au or call our local Australian Support Team on 1800 934 117.