Advertising a tender on Australian Tenders

If you are a buyer, contractor or procurement officer, you can advertise tenders and contracts free on the Australian Tenders website.

Below is some helpful information on advertising tenders on Australian Tenders.

Advertising tenders online

Advertising tenders on the internet is cheaper and easier than most print advertising. Unlike print, your notice remains visible to the market right up until the closing date. Your tender is shown to suppliers wanting to provide the goods and services you seek.

Why advertise tenders with Australian Tenders?

  •  Free to advertise up to 10 tenders
  • Tenders & Subcontractors Request
  • Fast and easy
  • 90 days visibility per tender
  • Unlimited text
  • Exposure to 1000's of suppliers
  • Include your company logo
  • Link back to your website

Additional Benefits:

  • Attach up to 5 tender documents
  • Attach up to 5 images

How does it work?

We can help you place your tender advertisement; you will need to fill out our Advertiser Form here. If you are new to Australian Tenders, you will be registered as an Advertiser on Australian Tenders.

If you're already a subscriber of Australian Tenders, you can log in to your account and click on the 'Post a Tender'. Click on it to be directed to a page to create your tender advert or request assistance with the advert by submitting an advertiser form.

What can you publish?

You can publish almost any form of a public request for tenders. This includes requests for quotes (RFQ/RFT), proposals, expressions of interest (EOI), and panel requests. If you wish to advertise a tender that is an 'invited tender' or 'invitation to tender', don't hesitate to get in touch with us, and we'll be happy to explain the easy process to make sure your tender reaches the right audience.

Who can see your tender adverts?

A small portion of your tender advert (i.e. the tender title) will be visible to all Australian Tenders site visitors. However, only our Subscribers (Suppliers) will be given the complete information. Your tender advert will also be automatically emailed to the relevant suppliers via email alert. This will ensure that your tender advert gets the best exposure. 

Conditions on Advertising Tenders on Australian Tenders

  • If you are new to Australian Tenders, you will need to fill out the Advertiser form. This will automatically set you up with a new (free) advertiser account.
  • Our sales support team will set up advertiser accounts for new users and create your tender adverts. 
  • Tenders are only added Monday - Friday.
  • Your tender will be reviewed and added between 8 am - 5 pm AWST.
  • Job adverts/employment opportunities/company profiles will not be advertised on our site.
  • If there are any missing details or if further details are required on your tender advert, our sales support team will be in contact with you over the phone to get further clarification.  
  • As an advertiser, you will not be able to view current/future tenders. Only subscribed suppliers can do this. You can view your tender via your account. If you wish to have your tender 'featured', don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Featured tenders are published for free to view, and anyone can see them. 
  • Australian Tenders can not be responsible for your tender advert. Nor can we guarantee that your tender advert will attract the winning Supplier. 
  • For more information on our Terms & Conditions, please view this page.
    Need a little help?

Need a little help?

Just email us at or call our friendly Australian support team on 1800 934 117.