How to Set Up Your Tender Alerts

The greatest advantage of our service is having tenders relevant to your business sent to you as they are published. These are Tender Alerts.

In order to create tender alerts, edit your alerts, create more alerts (you can create as many as you like) log in to your account and select Tender Alerts. There are screenshots below to help you navigate your way through.

  1. Log in to your account
  2. select Tender Alerts
  3. Select existing alert and Preview Search to see current tenders or Create New Alert
  4. Scroll through the categories and select the + to expand the sub-categories and select those that suit you
  5. Select regions and select those that suit you (selecting no regions means you get the whole of Australia and New Zealand). 
  6. Save your alert
  7. Go back and select Edit if you want to change it
Screen Recording 2019-03-22 at 4.18.07 pm


Once you have set up your alert you should again 'Preview Search' as your next tender alert notification will only include those published in the previous 24 hours.

For more information on making the best use of Australian Tenders see our page of Solutions. If you would like any assistance with any aspect of our service, please email the Support Team at

A Visual Tour of Tender Alerts

Your account page looks like this once you have logged in:

australian tenders my account page

Preview Search shows you tenders that are currently available in your selected categories and regions:

Edit your existing tender alerts:


Create as many new alerts as you like:

Choose your categories and regions using the dropdown boxes.

Select the regions that your work in or no regions to select all of Australia:


Use keywords with a comma between each one and no categories selected for maximum reach.

Contact us at for assistance with tender alerts.