Choosing the right categories for your tender alert

We have over 600 categories and sub-categories for you to choose from. To get the right tenders in your inbox via our daily tender alert system you need to ensure you have the correct categories selected.

In a nutshell, cast your net wide. The worst that can happen is that you receive some tenders that are not relevant.   It's better to receive more than potentially missing out on that one tender.

When you subscribe and have created your first tender alert, we will check your settings and keywords to ensure you have the most appropriate options selected, and we always call you to discuss.

Even with the 600+ categories, some businesses do not fit into any category; in this instance, it may be good to use a combination of keywords and categories.  Why not call us? We are very familiar with the categories and will help you select the most relevant categories for your business. 

What are the tender categories?

We have a complete list of all categories in this article.

Australian Tenders uses a combination of The United Nations Standard Products and Services Code® (UNSPSC®)  and known/accepted categorisation from industry feedback for categorising tenders. Most Federal and State Government organisations also use the UNSPSC in Australia to classify their tenders. The UNSPSC provides an open, global multi-sector standard for the efficient, accurate classification of products and services.

Need a little help?

Just email us at or call our friendly Australian support team on 1800 934 117.