How to Set Up Your Sub-Accounts

Our Grow and Expand subscriptions plans are suitable for businesses that may require more than one person reviewing tender opportunities.

In order to create sub-accounts (sub-users), you must first ensure that you are the main account holder (the person who has initially registered an account with Australian Tenders), secondly, you must ensure that your account has a subscription for either a Grow or Expand plan. *If you're unsure of the plan in which you are on, please contact us to find out more.

Subscribers under the Grow or Expand plan can log in to their account and select the Sub-Accounts Icon. Review the steps below and there are also screenshots below to help you navigate your way through.

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Select Sub-Accounts (refer to image 1)
  3. Select Add New User and fill out the relevant fields with the contact details of the Sub-Account holder and press Register (refer to image 2)
  4. Once you have registered your sub-account holder, they will then receive an email with their temporary login details (which you, as the account holder OR one of our service support staff may have created for them).

Note: The number of sub-users that you can add to your account depends on your subscription plan. Grow Subscription Plans allows up to 5 sub-users and Expand Subscription Plans allows up to 10 users.

Image 1. Select Sub-Accounts

Image 2: Adding Sub-Accounts

Image 3: Preview of Sub-Account Page with the users

Please contact the Support Team at or on 1800 934 117 if you have any questions.