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Where can I find future tenders?

Here we explain a future tender and how to search for them.

We maintain a database of future tenders, which are typically notices received from Buyers advising of potential tenders/purchases. These notices are often published in Forward Procurement Plans, notices or via early tender advice on the Buyer's portal. Not all Future Tenders in our system are released as Tenders, as the Buyer may choose a different procurement method nearer to the time.  

We record the Estimated Release Date for future tenders instead of the closing date. If a tender is released, the status is changed to Current, and a closing date is added. If not released before this date, the status is changed to Expired.  

If you are interested in a particular future tender, we recommend adding it to your watchlist.

Step 1: Searching

  • Click on SEARCH from the main menu bar

KB - Main Menu 2

  • In order to modify the tender status, you must choose the advanced search option 
  • To access the Advanced Search function, simply activate it by toggling the switch below the Categories box

Advanced search bar image

  • By default, the status is set to Current. To change it to future, simply click on the tender status drop-down menu and select Future
  • Change any other search parameters as required, e.g. regions, categories and keywords
  • Click on SEARCH
  • Click on the tender you are interested in to see further details

Need a little help?

Just email us at support@australiantenders.com.au or call our friendly Australian support team on 1800 934 117.