Get the most out of your tender alerts.

Make the most out of our advanced search functions to ensure you miss nothing and get ahead of the competition.

Not only do we consolidate notices of every single tender from private and public buyers, but you can also set up a daily tender alert to be notified via email when tenders are published that match your search criteria   (See How to Set Up Tender Alerts)


Categories are the most reliable way to capture relevant tenders, if you can find a category match for your services we always recommend using that instead of keywords as our team is highly effective at categorising tenders no matter the wording!

Not sure if there’s a category for you? Reach out to our Support Team and they’ll be more than happy to help.

As a subscriber, your dedicated account manager will work with or for you to get the most effective tender alert set up for your business.

  • You can further refine the alert to have a combination of keywords and categories or just keywords. (see keywords)
  • Alerts using categories and sub-categories can be separated into different alerts or bunched together. However, keeping them separate can help to broaden your search
  • If you don't select any categories the system will search across ALL categories

Titles, Regions & Sub-users/accounts

  • Sub-user accounts can have different alerts or the same alerts as the main account holder (see Alerts for Sub-Accounts) 
  • Not sure what to include as your tender alert title? Don’t worry – this is just for you, it’s a way for you to identify which alert it’s delivered to your inbox, e.g. you may have one alert titled Construction Tenders and another Engineering Tenders to differentiate them.

  • Regions -  Our region selections are based on State Government region identification. You can select as many regions as you’d like under any of our plans, so choose all Australia & New Zealand or only Melbourne Metro! If you don't select any regions the system will search across ALL regions.


Keywords are a fantastic way of searching for specific types of tenders. However, you have to make sure you understand the way it functions. We’ve broken it down for you below:

  • Keywords must be separated by a space and a comma e.g. battery, power supply, generator
    • phrases between commas will match as a phrase.  In the example above, it will look for a match on "power supply" and not just power or supply
  • If you use keywords we recommend limiting the search across relevant categories.  e.g. A keyword search using the example above would be best limited to the category "Electrical Systems & Lighting & Equipment & Services"
  • Add plural and singular (especially if it is a different spelling!) e.g. battery, batteries, gates, gate, gate's
  • Match any word -  means a tender title or description simply has to include any one of the words/phrases you’ve entered, so avoid using words such as and, the or tender
  • Match any phrase - means that If you have a phrase such as "financial tenders"  it must find an exact match for those two words together and not financial or tenders

DON'T forget to click save or your alert edits will not be saved

Please Note

Tender Alerts are sent out at the end of each day. Only those published or updated that day are sent, so no alert means no new/updated tenders for that day.

Need a little help?

Just email us at or call our friendly Australian support team on 1800 934 117.