Online Tender Training Courses

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We want to support our customers at every step of their tendering journey. That's why we've partnered with Tender Training College to provide you with the fundamental skills in not only understanding and winning tenders but also helping you to save you time and money in tender preparation. These courses are designed for individuals who complete tenders independently or as part of a small tender team. Tender Training College offers online courses, virtual live group training, face-to-face training, public workshops and tender reviews services.

Australian Tenders subscribers receive 20% off using the code 'AUSTENDER20' on all courses and packages. Whether in a small or large business, if you are new to tenders, bids and proposals there is a tender training course designed for you.

TTC Tender Starter Program

Tender Starter Program

This program is delivered through a coaching/consultancy format guided by a tender expert. You will review example tenders, check the requirements against your business systems and ensure you have the information prepared to tender effectively before you begin bidding. Key takeaways include:

  • A capability brochure template
  • Reference case study examples
  • Training notes
  • Certificate of achievement upon completion.

The Tender Starter Program program is designed for those new to tenders or who have no prior experience and need a hand getting started.

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Tender Fundamentals Cert. 1 & 2 

In Tender Fundamentals Certificate 1 & 2 you will learn the foundational elements of tenders and what is needed for the tendering process from both the client and bidding party sides.

This course designed to give you a better understanding of the client’s process for developing and releasing a tender. You will be equipped with essential knowledge and practical skills to apply to your next tender, and the capabilities to develop a client-focused response.

This course is ideal for professionals regardless of industry who are new to bidding or are looking to refresh their knowledge in the basics of government and private sector tenders

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TTC Starter Program

Effective Bid Preparation Certificate

Key steps of bid preparation process to develop a professional response and deliver a winning bid.

Through this course, you will learn the skills to master the bid preparation process to develop a professional response and deliver a winning bid.

Key takeaways of this course include:

  • How to identify pricing requirements
  • How to identify and manage submission requirements
  • How to develop a bid program
  • Best practice draft and review process

This course is recommended for professionals who coordinate and prepare tenders

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Tender Writing Certificate

Tender writing can be complex and often confusing at times.

This course will allow you to understand the steps involved to ensure your tender response is compliant, answers the question comprehensively, and is compelling to read. You will develop the skills and capabilities to improve your tender writing and be introduced to helpful tips which will allow you to avoid common mistakes made by professionals when tender writing.

This course is shaped to build your confidence when gaining future tenders.

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