QLD Government Tenders - Procurement Guide

The QLD government has one of the most comprehensive and informative procurement websites available for suppliers.

However, if you are new to tendering, this can be an information overload and add...

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Four Ways to Reduce the Tender Preparation Time

How much time do you spend preparing and submitting tenders? The common answer: Too long.

If you've found yourself dedicating time inside AND outside of business hours to complete your company's...

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6 Steps to Tendering: Read Our Quick Guide

Before you spend hours drafting a tender response, make sure the tender is really right for your business and ensure you've got all the tools you need. This quick guide will help you in...

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Using Evidence is Critical to Winning Tenders

Are you tired of not winning tender opportunities? If you’re writing all the right things but still not winning, you may not be providing the buyer with enough evidence of your success.  

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Understanding the Tender Question

Sometimes, the mere thought of producing a compelling and professional tender is enough to sendyou into a fit of resentful stress and perhaps even move you to throw in the towel, call it a day and...

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The Tender Process: From Start to Finish

Tendering, procurement, approaches to market, expressions of interest, proposals, quotations, these are all words used frequently when tendering, but it is not always clear how the processes fit...

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To Bid or Not to Bid

From rummaging the corners of the web to addressing key selection criteria, interviews, quizzes and online assessments, the on-and-off job hunt is nothing short of infuriating. Throw in a global...

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What is a...? All the tender terms you need to know!

While tendering can present many opportunities for your business to grow and gain experience, it is often seen as a complicated process filled with industry terms that are hard to define. That's...

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What is a Unique Selling Point?

One of the main reasons government organisations and private companies issue a request for tenders is to make sure they are selecting suppliers and service providers that are perfect for their...

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5 strategies to take advantage of the 2021 tender boom

The tendering market is set to boom in 2021 as part of the nation’s COVID-19 recovery response, representing significant opportunities for small-medium-enterprises (SME) to expand or pivot their...

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