The Tendering Process

Once you've found the tender suitable for your business to take part in, you may be asking: What is the tender process? We've identified eight steps to a standard tender process. The shortest part...

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Using technology to maintain an effective tender response process

Project management software can revolutionise your tender response process into easy and effective steps. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of using technology in conjunction with your...

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Connecting with your Industry: Your path to growth and networking

In a highly specialized industry like tendering, your team would most likely be either a handful at best, or in some cases, only you. Connecting with industry specialists at networking events can...

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Sustainability for Buyers (Sustainable Procurement pt.II)

Thinking of putting your next project out for tender but not sure how to ensure the procurement process follows Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) principles? Below is a step-by-step guide...

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Sustainable Procurement. What is it and how can it help you?

Sustainability is becoming one of the core principles influencing customers’ purchasing decisions and organisations’ procurement decisions. Customers have become increasingly conscious of where the...

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Common Tendering Mistakes to Avoid

We’ve seen hundreds of tender documents in our time and have worked closely with our consultants to bring our customers winning results. While we all do our best to ensure winning results let’s be...

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QLD Government Tenders - Procurement Guide

The QLD government has one of the most comprehensive and informative procurement websites available for suppliers.

However, if you are new to tendering, this can be an information overload and add...

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Four Ways to Reduce the Tender Preparation Time

How much time do you spend preparing and submitting tenders? The common answer: Too long.

If you've found yourself dedicating time inside AND outside of business hours to complete your company's...

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