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Tenders and Contracts Straight to Your Inbox

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blog hero - InboxCreate unlimited alerts for tenders, contracts, subcontracts and awarded jobs with Australian Tenders.
Tender Alerts are delivered to your inbox daily to keep you updated on new current and future tenders, subcontracts, contracts as well as awarded contracts.

The main reason for using a tender search service like Australian Tenders is so that you can concentrate on your business without having to scour the internet, newspapers and other sources for new work. We do the searching.

For less than half the cost of other similar services, you can subscribe to Australian Tenders and set up as many tender alerts as you like.

What Alerts should you have?

  • New current and future tenders in your area and industry
  • Awarded contracts in your industry
  • Subcontractor jobs in your region

What Tender Alerts Look Like
Check your current alerts to see what you're already getting. To see all the tenders available in your tender alerts:

1. Log in to your account

2. Choose Tender Alerts and view your alerts

3. Choose Preview Search to see all tenders in that category/keyword. If you are a new subscriber, you need to do this in order to see which tenders are currently available, as we send only newly published tenders each day.

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Create new Alerts using categories (preferred) or keywords (for obscure searches)

Add Category Alerts

  • > Name your alert (eg Landscape Architecture main alert)
  • > Do NOT use any keywords
  • > Choose your categories and/or sub-categories from the drop-down box (eg Architecure & Urban Design > Landscape Architecture)
  • > Choose your region (eg NSW )
  • > Save
  • > Using Keyword Alerts
  • > This filters out everything that does not contain the keyword/s you choose.
  • > Do NOT choose a category
  • > Enter keyword (eg landscape)
  • > One keyword per alert works most effectively
  • > Choose your region (eg WA > Perth)
  • > Save 

If you would like the support staff at Australian Tenders to create your alerts for you, just call or email. We're very good at the Tender Alert set up!

  • Choose your region
  • Choose your whole state, selected states and regions or leave blank to search Australia-wide.
  • Do a Search Preview of Your New Tender Alerts

Preview your new Tender Alerts to see what is currently available as only new ones published from the next day onward will be sent to you. This will also alert you to Future Tenders.

Hints to Make the Most of Tender Alerts
  • Keep your category-based alerts separate from your keyword-based alerts.

  • Create a new Tender Alert for each keyword to avoid inadvertently narrowing your keyword alert too much.

  • Alerts using Categories and sub-categories can be separated into different alerts or bunched together.

  • Sub-user accounts can have different Tender Alerts to the Primary Account Holder.

  • The title of your tender alert has no impact on the search, it's just a title for your own reference, so you could call it "Rob's design alerts in Sydney" if you like.

Tender Alerts are sent out once a day. Only those published that day are sent, so no alert means no new tenders today. The Support Team - based in Perth - are here to help you and strive to respond to every inquiry within 24 hours, usually within a few hours.



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