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Rob Nathan founded Australian Tenders in 2009, recognising a need for a reliable, thorough and highly cost-effective tender notification service for Australian businesses of all sizes. With over 500 categories listing upwards of 1000 tenders and awarded contracts, Australian Tenders is the first choice for more 3000 subscribers.
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Difference Between a Tender and a Quote

Tenders and Quotes have many common characteristics but have subtle differences. This article clarifies the differences in a deeper understanding of tendering.

The Tendering Process

Once you've found the tender suitable for your business to take part in, you may be asking: What is the tender process? We've identified eight steps to a standard tender process. The shortest...

How to Write a Winning Tender Response

If you haven’t written a tender before, you might find the process quite daunting. Here are a few top tips on writing a successful tender response.

Where can I find information on tenders?

Finding and winning government and local council contracts is a great way to restore life to your organisation if you have been impacted during this time of economic uncertainty. We explain how...

Invited Tenders

You may have seen an 'Invited Tender' on our website with very little information and no useful link and wondered what are they and how to get an invite.  An Invited Tender can also be called a...

Projects fast-tracked to support jobs during COVID-19

As we start to see a light at the end of the tunnel from the current isolation restrictions, governments from all levels look to measures that are set to rebuilding the economy.

Business responds to COVID-19 through tender

As we become accustomed to the new normal that is life in a pandemic, we take a look at how the world of tendering has changed and responded during these early days of COVID-19.

Resources to Help Your Business Survive the Coronavirus

The coronavirus is causing financial difficulties for businesses across the nation,  here are five resources that can help you navigate this difficult situation.

The Tender Response Process

Your tender response process guides the essential steps you need to take to submit a winning tender. Australian Tenders has provided the following guide, which covers that process and can help you...

Difference Between a Tender and Expression of Interest

Do you find it confusing to find a Buyer advertising a Tender and another asking for an Expression of Interest (EOI)? This handy guide spells out the difference simply for you.

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