What is a...? All the tender terms you need to know!

While tendering can present many opportunities for your business to grow and gain experience, it is often seen as a complicated process filled with industry terms that are hard to define. That's...

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5 strategies to take advantage of the 2021 tender boom

The tendering market is set to boom in 2021 as part of the nation’s COVID-19 recovery response, representing significant opportunities for small-medium-enterprises (SME) to expand or pivot their...

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Where can I find information on tenders?

Finding and winning government and local council contracts is a great way to restore life to your organisation if you have been impacted during this time of economic uncertainty. We explain how to...

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Should We Respond to this Tender?

In recent years more than 73,000 contracts with a total value of $71 billion were awarded to businesses throughout Australia. Was your organisation one of them? Read on to find out. Did you...

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WA Government Tenders and Procurement Guide - Easy to Understand

How the Western Australian Government buys your services - all about open tenders, common use arrangements and more.The Western Australian Government buys goods and services for around $14 billion...

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The Basics of Procurement Explained to a 7 Year Old

The following detail was written by a tender expert Celia Jordaan. She explains the important details and insights to understanding the basics of procurement.

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