Where can I find infomration on tenders?
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Where can I find information on tenders?

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blog hero - Where can I find information on tenders_Finding and winning government and local council contracts is a great way to restore life to your organisation if you have been impacted during this time of economic uncertainty. We explain how to find these opportunities with the security of knowing you are not missing out. If you're wondering 'where can  I find tenders'? Read on!State governments and other buyer organisations have fast tracked stimulus projects which means potential increase in competition, changes to some tendering practices and more tender opportunities. 

Finding the right tenders for your industry can be time consuming and your time should be spent on submitting the best tender response. Firstly it goes without saying (hopefully) that you can find information on all tenders throughout Australia and New Zealand and much more right here at Australian Tenders.

There are many other platforms where you can find tenders: All levels of government organisations have their own e-tendering portals where tenders are listed. This Australian government page is a good place to start. Councils also use e-procurement portals to list their tenders. These are websites where suppliers register to review and provide expression of interest to tenders. 

Federal Government Tenders
The Federal Government publishes business opportunities and notices for awarded contracts and standing offers valued at or above $10,000 on the AusTender website.
Suppliers must register with their ABN to download any related tender documents, submit a tender response and to find details about awarded tenderers and existing contracts. This is usually free.

Tenders for Digital Services
The IT, ICT or Digital industry has opportunities to do business with local, state, territory or federal government on a platform called the Digital Marketplace. This is a simple yet comprehensive platform bringing government buyers and digital sellers together.
Private Tender Opportunities 
Australian Tenders captures all the tenders listed on these government and council portals as well as identifying both private and government tenders from hundreds of local newspapers and private organisations. There are a few other tender notification companies servicing Australian and NZ businesses that also do this (although each charges remarkably different rates for basically the same notification service, so do your research or ask us for details). 
Private tenders are non-government opportunities that are sourced from various platforms and tenders that are directly advertised on our website by private organisations. 

This is an example of a (now closed) tender issued by a private organisation from the cleaning service industry: 


Closed private cleaning tender

Below is an example of a tender issued by a government organisation from the cleaning service industry (note, this is a closed tender and can not be responded to): 
Closed Gov cleaning tender

How can I find tenders on Australian Tenders?
Finding Current Tenders
To search for current tenders click on search in the top menu to bring up the advanced search box as shown in screenshot below. The default status is Current Tenders. You can change this by clicking on Status > Current and a dropdown box will offer you the choice of searching instead for Closed, Awarded or Future Tenders. 
Finding Current Tenders 
Finding Closed Tenders
Australian Tenders maintains a database of closed tenders for the previous 5 years which can be searched easily. To search for closed tenders click on search in the top menu to bring up the advanced search box as shown in the picture below. Activate the dropdown box by selecting Current and change the status to Closed and search using keywords, categories and/or regions.

Finding Awarded Tenders
Our database of awarded tenders can also be viewed (we have a great tech team!). When a tender is awarded we update our database with the following additional information where it is available:
  • Contractor: The company to whom the tender was awarded
  • Value: The or estimated value of the contract
  • Awarded: The date the tender was awarded
To search for awarded tenders click on Search in the top menu to bring up the advanced search box as shown in the picture below. You can change the status to Awarded and search using keywords, categories and/or regions. Or you can simply click on awarded in the top menu.

Finding Future Tenders
Australian Tenders maintains a database of future tenders; tenders which have been announced but have yet to be released. These tenders are often published in forward procurement plans and schedules or via an early tender advice. For future tenders we record the estimated advertising date instead of the closing date. This is typically 11-12 months into the future.

Overall, if you're looking to save time, we've got the resources, tools and technology available to source, search and aggregate tenders right on our website. The search feature is just one of the services we offer. As a subscriber can save your search criteria and find the tender alert emails in your inbox when the right tender opportunity arrives.

Daily research and updates are made on Australian Tenders several times each day. We have a 24/7 online search capability and research tenders six days a week, ahead of the other tender search companies. 

One of the other advantages of becoming a subscriber is that you are not locked in. Our subscription period and payment period can be for three months or a year at a time, catering for different business models. So if you have a seasonal requirement, you can choose not to sign up for a particular quarter - any three month period is yours. It also works well for those who want to 'see how it goes' and you can choose whether you prefer a rolling subscription or manual re-subscribe.

Searching for tenders is an important first step in the process of finding the right business opportunities. The cost of outsourcing your tender searches to a tender notification service such as ours should be affordable and provide you with value for money. Which is why our business model premise is to provide you with not only personalised, local support, but the flexibility and low cost benefits to finding your next business opportunities.

If you're curious about what tenders from your industry looks like, request for sample tenders below or email us at support@australiantenders.com.au. 



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