Why Tender? Benefits of Tendering in 2019

Posted: 11/12/18 14:13

Why Tender_ Benefits of Tendering in 2019

2019 is approaching fast, maybe you're thinking about a new business venture, maybe you've stumbled upon tendering recently or maybe you're a tender veteran. Either way, we recommend reading this article before the year is out.If you're new to this, maybe you're wondering how tendering will help you and your business grow. If you're familiar with the process but are wondering whether or not this is something you want to pursue in 2019, we recommend you check out below our 10 top benefits of tendering. We exist for a reason, and that's because we want to help Australian business's grow. Stay inspired, stay connected, with Australian Tenders.

Top 10 Benefits of Tendering

  1. The procurement market is worth $30 billion, meaning there’s a lot of work out there for you and a lot to gain from being part it.
  2. Tendering is a great to way ensure your company name stands out in a crowded marketplace.
  3. By bidding and winning a contract from the government, a council or a private organisation, you can gain national recognition after a single completed contract.
  4. Having tendering knowledge and skills is essential for any business owner wanting to transform and grow their business, it requires constant evaluation and innovation.
  5. Most government contracts can extend for up to 2 to 5 years  or more, meaning ongoing revenue and long-term stability for your business, instead of worrying about when the next project will come through.
  6. Tendering is suitable for all types of organisations, both large and small, with both reaping hugely advantageous benefits.
  7. Tendering can seem overwhelming! But there's help. We cut out a portion of the work for you and deliver you new opportunities to your inbox daily (and we do it for the best price in the country).
  8. If you tender for work, you're getting jobs on a series of very official criteria. There's no nepotism, no favouritism, if you're good for the job, you'll get the work. If you don't get the job, this is a good way to evaluate what needs to be improved or perhaps re-evaluating the type of work you need to be responding to.
  9. Tendering isn't new, the internet has made this process a whole lot easier for you and your business. Moving the tendering process to the web has opened the process up to everyone. Thank god for the web.
  10. Tendering is another way for you to get work, plain and simple. More jobs, more business growth, more revenue. That's business. Do business harder, better, faster and stronger by tendering in 2019.

Australian Tenders was created to make tendering easier for you. And we don't just want to notify you of tendering opportunities, we want you and your business to succeed. If you're already subscribed, we want to thank you for letting us help you, and continuing to help your business into the new year. 

If you're not, there's a lot you might be missing out on. We highly recommend you subscribe today. We have lots coming your way in 2019.

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Rob Nathan

Written by Rob Nathan

Rob Nathan founded Australian Tenders in 2009, recognising a need for a reliable, thorough and highly cost-effective tender notification service for Australian businesses of all sizes.


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