Jobs Bill set to secure more WA Jobs

Posted: 08/12/17 16:34

Jobs Bill set to secure more WA Jobs - Australian Tenders

More government contracts for local companies is now a reality for West Australians with parliament recently passing the Jobs Bill through the Legislative Council.

The Jobs Bill was a key election commitment by the WA Labor Government designed to support local businesses to tender for government contracts, creating more jobs for local workers.

Under the new laws, local businesses will be given more opportunities to compete for government contracts, particularly in the area of infrastructure.

The WA Jobs Bill (the Bill) was introduced to Parliament on 6 September 2017. The Bill includes a requirement for a Western Australian Industry Participation Strategy (the WAIPS) to guide the implementation of the new laws.  As part of the development of the strategy, WA's local content policies and guidelines are being reviewed.

Prospective suppliers of government contracts will now be required to submit local participation plans as part of their tender. These plans will then be incorporated into the contracts of successful suppliers to ensure the promised local jobs are delivered. Find more details on the participation plans and the Jobs Bill here.

The new laws also allow the government to declare a major project a 'project of strategic significance for the WA economy' to create more opportunities for local content. See the Australian Tenders guide to WA Government procurement here.

Premier Mark McGowan said that the Jobs Bill is a key component of the Government's Plan for Jobs and its passage through the Parliament will provide a boost to jobs in WA.

"The Bill was an important election commitment that we made a priority since being elected in March.

"The new laws set out this Government's expectation that opportunities for Western Australian businesses and workers are maximised when it comes to delivering government goods and services.

"Each year, the State Government spends billions of dollars on goods, services and works for the community.  The Jobs Bill is all about making sure Western Australian businesses get a bigger share of this work.

"We expect the new laws will create more opportunities for local small businesses and more local jobs.  I am proud to lead a government that is working hard to secure more work for Western Australians."

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