Ammaroo Phosphate Project Update - NT

Posted: 18/09/17 16:13

Ammaroo Phosphate Project Update - NT - Australian Tenders

The Ammaroo Phosphate Project is progressing with BFS and EIS now underway. NT Government says the project is worth $750 million.

The Northern Territory Government awarded Major Project Status to Verdant Minerals Ltd’s $750 million Ammaroo Phosphate Project, which has the potential to create almost 500 jobs during construction and operation, in March this year. 

Verdant Minerals have today released an update on the project. The 18-month construction project is expected to commence in late 2019. During construction it is estimated that the workforce will peak at around 300, and once operational there be about 160 direct jobs.

Verdant Minerals Managing Director Mr Chris Tziolis said the project would bring a range of benefits to the region and the Northern Territory during construction and production over the ensuing decades. 

“The development of Ammaroo and other fertiliser mineral projects in the Territory could in time enable the value adding to the minerals to produce finished fertiliser products to service demand in both Asia and Australia, which now imports most of its fertiliser needs,” Mr Tziolis said in March.

Ammaroo Project Update:

The Ammaroo Phosphate Project is located 200 km southeast of Tennant Creek. The project area contains the billion tonne 40 km long Ammaroo Phosphate JORC Resource. A BFS (Bankable Feasibility Study) is currently underway and an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is being compiled for an initial development of a phosphate rock concentrate operation producing up to 2 million tonnes of concentrate product per annum for export to Asian phosphoric acid producers.

The EIS is expected to be submitted during September 2017 and the BFS is due for completion in late 2017.  It is hoped that the company can make an investment decision by mid 2018 to commence an 18 month construction project before commencing production in late 2019 or early 2020.

The operation will combine an open cut mine, a flotation beneficiation plant, associated mine site infrastructure, power generation, bore field and water pipeline, accommodation village and a 90km rail spur and 120 km low pressure gas pipeline from the main Amadeus pipeline.

The company would like to initiate a process of early engagement with local NT based and regional contractors and businesses that may have the capabilities and assets required to help construct and operate a project of this nature.   At this stage of the projects evolution, expressions of interest would be most welcome.  It is not envisaged that any specific work packages will be available until later in the year at the earliest.

This development could represent the first step in developing over time, a long term fertiliser production industry here in Central Australia.  One of the few parts of the world where all the ingredients exist in close proximity to each other and markets, including the Australian market.

There are currently 117 tenders open in the Northern Territory across several categories.

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