ASC Submarine Projects EOI Seeking Suppliers

Posted: 05/02/18 08:43

ASC Seeking EOI from Suppliers for Submarine Projects - Australian Tenders

The ASC Supplier Capability and Innovation Portal is now seeking Expressions of Interest from suppliers for Submarine Projects.

The EOI for industry to partner on projects can be seen at Australian Tenders. The tender closes 31 January 2020. There is also a tender for the redesign and replacement of the Degaussing System of the Collins Class Submarine, closing 14 February 2018.

ASC’s capability in specialised submarine construction and maintenance is located at two key sites in Osborne, South Australia and Henderson, Western Australia. 

ASC’s submarine platform capability is aligned with that of the Royal Australian Navy. ASC undertakes the platform integration of the major systems and identifies and implements design improvements through a combination of in-country engineering know-how, advanced manufacturing and an extensive local and global supply chain.   

ASC is seeking suppliers, including Small to Medium Enterprises, to work to continue to deliver world benchmark capability. ASC has stated that it is committed to a sovereign supply chain capability and to partnering with Overseas Equipment Manufacturers to achieve this.

This follows the news that the Air Warfare Destroyer project has been removed from the Projects of Concern list following continuing improvements in shipbuilding performance. Following an independent review by Professor Don Winter and Dr John White and a review by the Australian National Audit Office, the project was placed on the Projects of Concern list in June 2014 due to increasing commercial, schedule and cost risks.

The Air Warfare Destroyer Reform Program resulted in Navantia being contracted in December 2015 to provide shipbuilding management services to the project. Minister for Defence Industry Christopher Pyne said due to the long term reform arrangements put in place by the Turnbull Government, the Air Warfare Destroyer project is now back on track.

“The remediation of the Air Warfare Destroyer project shows the country is ready for the Turnbull Government’s continuous naval shipbuilding program, which will create thousands of jobs and secure the shipbuilding industry for future generations of Australians.”

Minister for Defence Marise Payne said the recent commissioning of HMAS Hobart demonstrates the program is now capable of producing highly potent Air Warfare Destroyers.

“HMAS Hobart has been commissioned into service, marking a step change in Navy’s ability to fight and win at sea,” said Minister Payne.

The Air Warfare Destroyer Project joins the Collins Class Submarine project in coming off the Projects of Concern list in the past six months.

The Collins Class Submarines project (CN 10) was officially removed from the Projects of Concern list in October last year.  This project was previously added to the list in November 2008.

See the ASC tenders here.

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