Horsham Solar Farm Project

Posted: 07/02/18 15:09

Horsham Solar Farm Project - Australian Tenders

Expressions of Interest for detailed work packages will be released later this year for the Horsham Solar Farm, a $200 million project in Victoria managed by ESCO Pacific.

The Horsham Solar Farm is a utility scale renewable energy project with an output measuring up to 130 megawatt (MW) that will generate clean and renewable electricity from the power of the sun.

The $200 million dollar project is located approximately 5km east of Horsham CBD in the Rural City of Horsham in Victoria. The site is currently used for agricultural purposes, mainly cropping activities, and was chosen as it has proximity to the AusNet Services network, good road network access and relatively flat land. View the Horsham Solar Farm tender here.

The solar farm will cover an area of approximately 196 hectares (485 acres) and comprise approximately 340,000 solar photovoltaic modules, known more commonly as ‘PV Modules’ or ‘solar panels’. The solar panels are identical in type but larger in size to those used in residential solar installations located on homes throughout Australia.

The solar panels will be installed on ground-mounted frames that will slowly track the daily horizontal movement of the sun. The solar panels will generate direct current (‘DC’) electricity that will be inverted to alternating current (‘AC’) via containerised power conversion units. The power conversion units located within the site will feed AC electricity into an onsite power reticulation system before the power is centrally collected and dispatched to the local electricity distribution network via AusNet Services transmission network.

Works Required

Some of the works required for this solar farm project will include: 

  • Civil Works – earth moving, track building, installation of pilings, concrete slabs, fencing, etc.
  • Electrical Works – Substation, transformer, (mostly underground) cabling, connection of inverters, etc.
  • Mechanical assembly – Assemble PV panels on frames and other tasks
  • Steel supply (pilings, racking/mounting hardware, rebar, etc.)
  • Temporary construction buildings (office, plumbing, security, etc.)

Horsham Solar Farm Project Outline

  • Project Capacity: 130MW
  • Project Cost: $200 million
  • Project Area: 196 hectares
  • Technology: Horizontal Tracking or Fixed
  • Local Government Area: Horsham Rural City Council
  • Grid Connection: Horsham Terminal Substation

About ESCO Pacific

ESCO Pacific Pty Ltd is a leading Australian developer of utility scale solar farms having now delivered projects to market in excess of 320MW, all currently under construction, with a secured pipeline in excess of 800MW. Our team is comprised of experienced energy, infrastructure, development and corporate finance professionals with direct experience in developing, and delivering to market, utility scale solar in Australia and internationally. ESCO Pacific’s flagship project, the 148MW Ross River Solar Farm, is due to be commissioned in mid 2018.

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