For Sale by Tender – Three Little Pigs

Posted: 30/04/18 13:00


For anyone who’s wondered what happened to the three little pigs from that famous fable, well they were put to tender.

The three pigs who built three residential buildings of different materials and triumphed over the wolf (thanks to the third pig who had their building construction licence and actually built a house with bricks) have now been impounded.

But just last week the Loddon Shire Council has released an offer for sale by tender for these impounded three little pigs. This also means you have the opportunity to help continue the famous story of the three little pigs.  

As per Loddon Shire Council’s tender description, the pigs (one male and two female, pink in colour with black spots and no visible brand or tags) were impounded from the Boort-Wedderburn Road and Josephine Drive, Wedderburn.

The pigs will be available for viewing at the rear of the shire office, 41 High Street, Wedderburn on Thursday 3 May 2018 between 4pm and 4:30pm.  Photos are also available on Council’s website or the Loddon Shire Council Facebook page.

This particular sale by tender will be of interest to anyone in the Farming or Livestock industry. Other relevant services in ‘
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  • Agistment
  • Animal feed 
  • Animal Pound & Shelter Services 
  • Farming Equipment & Accessories 
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  • Grazing Permits & Leases 
  • Livestock
  • Veterinary Services

Currently there are various Open Tenders under the Farming and Animal Services and Equipment category, click here to view them all.  Further, you can also search via Tender Issuer (tender contractor) on our website as well,  for example, the Loddon Shire Council has released various tenders, click here to view the tenders

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