Tenders Called for Midland Highway Upgrade

Posted: 15/06/17 06:00

Tenders called for Midland Highway Upgrade

The Federal and Tasmanian governments are calling for tenders for the $500 Midland Highway upgrade. The road construction contract involves constructing three overtaking lanes in each direction and providing U-turn facilities along the 11km section of Highway.

The key project objective is to provide a safer roads for commuters and alleviate head-on collisions as part of the Midland Highway Upgrade.

The upgrade is estimated to cost $23 million and will include road widening, additional overtaking lanes, improved junctions and installing flexible safety barrier to eliminate head on collisions which contribute to 60% of the fatalities on the highway.

Federal transport minister Darren Chester said that Tasmanians are aware of the dangers on the Midland Highway, with some sections only having an AusRAP rating of one star.

"The upgrade will hopefully bump the road to an AusRAp 3-star standard. This section of the upgrade will improve safety along the approximately 11-kilometre section of road between Epping Forest and Powranna through road and shoulder widening and additional overtaking lanes in both directions," he said.

The Safe System approach, which has been adopted by all Australian states and territory road authorities recognises that people will make mistakes which result in crashes.

Mr. Chester also highlighted that the safety improvements between Epping Forest and Powranna will complement works already underway at two projects on the northern end of the highway – the Symmons Plains to south of Perth upgrade, and the Perth to Breadalbane duplication.

The Midland Highway 10 Year Action Plan includes improving safety through the below road treatments:

  • Lane separation with flexible safety barriers can achieve a 90% reduction in serious road trauma caused by head-on and run-off road crashes.

  • Audible edge lines (rumble strips) alert drivers when they wander towards the edge of the road and provide time to recover.

  • Extended sealed shoulders prevent loss of control when a vehicle crosses the edge line.

  • Clearing roadside hazards or providing roadside barriers where hazards can’t be removed.

  • Improving skid resistance of road surfaces.

  • Upgrading junctions by providing turning lanes to allow turning vehicles to move out of the traffic flow.

  • Alignment upgrades to smooth out tight corners and blind spots.

  • Constructing 2 + 1 lane arrangements to improve overtaking opportunities and avoid driver frustration

  • Tasmanian Minister for Infrastructure Rene Hidding stated that the community has already benefited from the upgrades.

Tasmanian Minister for Infrastructure Rene Hidding said these projects will "not only result in increased safety, but will also provide the infrastructure needed to support Tasmania's growing economy."

"Several projects within the Midland Highway 10-year-plan have already been completed that have resulted in millions being injected back into the economy, with a large number of flow-on benefits for local businesses," he said.

Some of the completed works include South of Kempton, Mangalore to Bagdad Stage 1, North and South of Spring Hill, South of Tunbridge, Conara to Cleveland Stage 1 and junction upgrades at Mud Walls Road and Kings Meadows Connector.

Further south, works are continuing at the White Lagoon to Mona Vale Road project and a further two projects between Kempton and Melton Mowbray (Stages 1 and 2) at the southern end of the Highway were completed in May.

Tenders for the Epping Forest to Powranna project will close on July 11, 2017 with works expected to begin later in the year and be completed by 2019.

Visit Australian Tenders to keep informed of further updates on this project and to review all tenders on this project.

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