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Posted: 05/10/17 11:48

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Never a dull moment in the tendering world. Sometimes we get a new tender that deserves a news story simply because it is so out of the ballpark of the usual.

Horticulture Innovation Australia are looking for someone experienced in vegetable knowledge transfer at the 2018 International Spinach Conference. You can find out more about the conference on the Spinach Portal (yes there is a Spinach Portal).

If you love your spinach and have Murcia, Spain on your go-to list, February 2018 is a good time to be there. 

Hort Australia has a website loaded with information about everything to do with horticulture innovation, growing, news and industry. Did you know that scientists have discovered that macadamia nut shells have been found to have properties that can treat certain kids of poisonings such as paracetamol overdoses? 

Vegetable Knowledge - Spinach Portal Takes You Places - Australian Tenders

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